Our Laboratory selects only high quality raw material from Italian Certified suppliers, without any other additive, no colorings and no GMO.

Among our most demanded products, you can find our Cappellacci di Zucca (pumpkin) according to the traditional Ferrara receipt, made with “Zucca Volina”, a particular pumpkin well-known for its strong orange color, its compact and sweet pulp, which make our Cappellacci so tasty that you can serve both with very simple ingredients, like butter and sage, or more elaborated sauces, like ragù. 

foto zucca

The Mortadella Bologna IGP is very popular for its aromatic and unique smell, it is used in the production of Tortellini and Cappelletti. 

tortellini mortadella

One of the ingredients which can not be missing is the Parmigiano Reggiano 14/16 and the Grana Padano 30 months. Among our specialties, the “Cappelletto al Prosciutto Crudo” (with raw ham) Parma type; Taleggio DOP cheese for the production of “Medaglioni”, the Speck IGP from Trentino, the “Mozzarella di Bufala” DOP, the Trevisano Radicchio, and many other ingredients which guarantee a high quality finished product with an unique and recognizable taste. 

speck radicchio


Artigiani Pastai Bondi is the direct manufacturer of all its products, from the selection of the ingredients up to the packaging.

Artigiani Pastai Bondi has been the first Company in its industry and in Ferrara city to have the necessary requisites to be IFS-BRC Certified and to be recognised as Artistic Artisan, as a synonym of quality and genuineness.

All our production machineries are constantly supervised and monitored by our qualified and trained personnel, who guarantee for each batch the qualitative standard and product integrity. 

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